Øone's Blueprints Hand Drawn: Crypt of the Lich Lord

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The Blueprints Hand Drawn product line offers you old-fashioned maps for using in your adventures and campaigns. These maps are skillfully hand-drawn. Despite their old fashioned appearance, each map offers you a degree of customization, using the pdf technology at its best. A button on the Master Control Panel allows you to turn on and off the grid, eliminate the room numbers, get the walls filled, don’t show doors and furniture and many other options, depending from the nature of the map.

The story goes that the Wizard Lord was a fair and honest man who ruled his land with fairness and justice.

One night, unknown enemies sneaked into the palace and brutally murdered his entire family. Maddened by grief and anger, the Lord undertook the Ritual of Eternal Night, ordering his servants to take him to an ancient circle of monoliths near the castle.

He was then buried in the nearby family mausoleum and eventually became a powerful Lich.

He moved into the dungeon beneath the Mausoleum, where his family was also buried, and began plotting his revenge against his enemies. At the same time, he tried to bring his family back to life, failing repeatedly.

Each Blueprint Hand Drawn contains:

  • Three beautifully hand-drawn fantasy maps
  • Several room templates for adding your own descriptions


  • Rule the Dungeon, allowing you to customize your map
    • Numbers: toggle room numbers and text.
    • Shadows: toggle furniture shadows.
    • Furniture: toggle furniture.
    • Doors: toggle doors
    • Reference Grid: toggle a precise square grid.
    • Floor: toggle floor design and decorations, if any
    • Fill: toggle the fill and shadows in the walls.
    • Key: toggle the key box
    • Background: toggle the background from parchment to white
    • All: toggle default state/empty state (with just the walls).
  • Master Control Panel: allowing you to control all maps at once
  • Six Presets for quick customization
  • North Mark orientable

WARNING ADOBE ACROBAT DC USERS: you may have to add a trusted location for your blueprints file to make it work properly. To add trusted location go to Adobe Acrobat Preferences > Security (Enhanced) > In Privileged locations click "add file" and pick your Blueprint.