DICE-Tractions: Dice Wars, Mini-Game #101

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Tired of miniature games where the pieces constantly become outdated? Has one too many sets added rules that needlessly complicate the game? Looking for a complete game you can introduce your non-gamer friends to? Dice Wars is a minis war game that requires nothing more than the dice you already own. In this game, players construct an army made up of your own dice. Add a touch of a fantasy or science fiction themed setting with several variant rules or play a capture the flag type game. Whether you build a small army of the best and the strongest or a large army of green troops, prepare your dice to take on your opponent!


  • Point-based army building system.
  • Easy to learn how to play, can be up and playing within minutes.
  • Information on how to add a fantasy or science fiction theme to the game.

About the DICE-Tractions line:

Have you ever instructed your fellow gamers in the proper way to throw their dice? Does setting your dice to the highest number after rolling them bring you good Dice Karma? Have you rolled one of your dice around in your hand and then rolled it a few times for no reason other than someone else touched it? Do you microwave your d20 as punishment after rolling three natural 1s in a row? Then the game book for you has arrived: DICE-Tractions.

DICE-Tractions is a collection of six quick pickup dice games for you and your friends to determine whose dice are the ultimate. That's right, six games for you to show off who can roll the best, most accurate, and high rolling dice around all while out-smarting, out-maneuvering, and out-lasting your opponent. From the strategy of poker to the action of football, DICE-Tractions has your dice game.

Each of the DICE-Tractions games are designed to be enjoyable games to play whether you only have a few moments while waiting for fellow gamers to show up or have a whole afternoon to spend with your friends. Some games even work as part of a roleplaying game, covering aspects of life most game masters generally hand-wave away. Regardless if you try to bluff your way through a poker game or place a bet on the dog races, these games add a new dimension to your role playing. Players enjoy more options and game masters enjoy the greater sense of realism to their game and watching their players get into the action.

It is about time your dice earned their bragging rights.

Written by William Andersen / Dale McCoy Jr