The AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 3

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37-page PDF


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Ready to Attack!

Here they are . . . the AADA's choice for the meanest vehicle designs of the year. From Division 5 to Division 100+, they're all fully armed, completely described, and ready to go.

The AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 3 brings you 78 designs, all compatible with the Car Wars Compendium rules and legal for AADA World Championship competition. From cycles to campers, from the tough little Fire Imp to the monstrous Polaris, every one is a highway warrior's dream.

And every one of these vehicles is represented by four counters, included with this supplement . . . a full-color vehicle, a full-color wreck, and black-and-white versions of both the new and wrecked car, to let you fly your own colors in the arena.

So fasten your seat belt, check out all vehicle systems, and hit the road for more Car Wars action. And never forget . . . no matter where you go . . . drive offensively!

Written by Loyd Blankenship / David Searle