Animal Archives: Prehistoric Animals I

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Blackdirge Publishing and Jesse Mohn are pleased to announce the re-release and continuance of the Animal Archives series. The new releases include completely updated and revised stat blocks, a new and easy-to-use layout, and many pages of new material.

The Animal Archives series takes real world animal from past and present and presents them with full stats, an accurate illustration, notes on combat and tactics, useful information for players, and even a bit about the animal in the real world. The first product in the series, Prehistoric Animals I, highlights prehistoric animals found primarily in North America.

Animal Archives: Prehistoric Animals I contains 23 pages of new d20 material, which includes:

  • Aepycamelus - the giant camel of the Miocene.
  • Amebelodon - the shovel-tusked relative of the elephant from the Miocene and Pliocene.
  • Arctodus - the giant short-faced bear of the Pleistocene.
  • Hollowtusk - a skeletal amebelodon that guards an ancient bone bed.
  • Primordial Guardian - an advanced celestial arctodus tasked with guarding the forests of the upper planes.
  • Brontotherium - the massive rhino-like herbivore from the Eocene.
  • Thunderhorn - A massive elder brontotherium protecting a huge swath of primeval forest.
  • Dinohyus - the infamous "terrible pig" of the Miocene. Abyssal Leviathan - a massive demon-tainted dunkleosteus that is the undisputed master of the Abyssal seas.
  • Dunkleosteus - the gigantic armored fish of the Devonian.
  • Hyaenodon - the powerful wolf-like predators of the Paleocene and Oligocene.
  • Old Gnawfang - an awakened hyaenodon with an evil disposition and a hunger for the flesh of sentient creatures.
  • Presbyornis - an early waterfowl from the Eocene.
  • Ptilodus - a tiny squirrel-like animal from the Paleocene.

Also included:

  • Expanded information for players, including information on animal companions, familiars, and mounts.
  • A summon nature's ally and summon monster appendix, complete with stat blocks for fiendish and celestial version of many animals.
  • Real world information on each animal.
  • Fantastic illustrations by Jesse Mohn.

Written by Aeryn Rudel