Animal Archives: DinoFiles I – Raptor Pack

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Animal Archives returns with the first installment in a new product line: DinoFiles. Each DinoFiles product features d20 monster write-ups for dinosaurs, with tons of extra information for players and DMs alike. The first product in the DinoFiles series highlights everyone's favorite sickle-clawed killers, the dromaeosaurids, or raptors. Within these pages of you will find raptors in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny, feathered Microraptor to the massive, scaled nightmare that is Utahraptor.

So, if you want to give your campaign that "lost world" feel, or if you just want to have the coolest familiar on the block, then take a look at Blackdirge Publishing and the DinoFiles series.

Animal Archives: DinoFiles I - Raptor Pack features 18 pages of new d20 material, and includes:

  • Microraptor - a small, feathered raptor.
  • Velociraptor - the real one, not the Jurassic Park version.
  • Pyroraptor - a bird-like, midsize raptor.
  • Troodon - a close relation of the raptors, and considered the smartest of all dinosaurs.
  • Utahraptor - the king of the raptors, and so far the largest discovered.
  • Dracoraptor - a new monster, and fantasy version of the raptor.

Also featured:

  • A summon monster appendix featuring fiendish and celestial versions of the raptors.
  • Information for player characters, including info on animal companions, mounts, and familiars.
  • Real world information on each raptor.
  • Full illustrations for each raptor by Hunter McFalls.

Written by Aeryn Rudel