Paper Miniatures: Fantasy Heroes

Arion Games SKU: ARG005


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Every fantasy game needs its heroes, and this bumper set of full color 28mm paper miniatures provides them, featuring 34 assorted Fantasy Heroes (with 7 extra duplicated flat miniatures). They are ideal for use in fantasy or some historical RPGs or wargames. The miniatures are supplied in two formats and can be assembled as flat, A-frame or triagonal miniatures depending on personal choice (full assembly instructions included). The images are all high-quality computer generated figures and bring an extra level of realism to the gaming table.

This set is also offered as an optional Powerpoint file version, to allow the easy creation of custom sheets.

Note: Due to the large size of many of the miniatures, and an improved .pdf creation process, this download is large.

In this set:

  • 2x Archer (male and female).
  • 2x Barbarian (male and female).
  • 7x Fighters (male and female).
  • 1x Elven Sorceress.
  • 2x Dwarf Fighters.
  • 1x Halfling.
  • 1x Paladin.
  • 1x Valkyrie.
  • 1x Priestess.
  • 1x Bard.
  • 1x Cleric.
  • 1x Female Scout.
  • 1x Rogue.
  • 1x Dwarf Cleric.
  • 2x Wizards.
  • 2x Thieves (male and female).
  • 1x Warrior Mage.
  • 1x Elf Knight.
  • 1x Druid.
  • 1x Mounted Paladin.
  • 1x Mounted Female Scout.
  • 1x Mounted Elf Knight.
  • 1x Pack Pony.

Written by Graham Bottley