The War of the Worlds

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Mars was dying. Martians were resigned to their fate. Then some young Martians had a radical idea: invade the nearest planet. The biggest problem: Earth was inhabited and the Humans might object!

The War of the Worlds is based on the novel by H.G. Wells and is a two-person game that recreates the life-and-death struggle between the Martians and Humans. Can the Martians eliminate the Humans facing them, destroy London, and demoralize the population? Can the Humans stall the Martian advance and then defeat them? Play this game and find out.

The PDF includes images for over 200 playing pieces representing Human infantry, cavalry, artillery and naval units as well as Martian cylinders and tripod machines. It also includes images which can be assembled to create a 20" by 24" full-color playing map of the battle area in and around London. It has, of course, the rules, charts, and combat tables that you need to play the game.

This has been scanned from the best available copy.

Written by Allen D. Eldridge