Operation Pegasus

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Return to 1980 when Task Force Games was thriving and releasing all sorts of games. The Vietnam War was in the very recent past. Enter Perry Moore with a concept and design and Stephen Cole to develop the game and the combat system. They consulted with others who had been in the military. The result? Operation Pegasus.

In the spring of 1968 two full North Vietnamese divisions surrounded and blocked the only road into Khe Sahn, a small Marine firebase near the Laotian border. They hoped to force the Americans into a long ground drive to relieve the fort. This drive, they reasoned, would result in massive American casualties. But the North Vietnamese did not realize what a division of helicopters carrying elite infantry could do to a conventional defensive position.

Operation Pegasus covers the drive of the U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division to relieve Khe Sahn in April of 1968. The game includes the PDF for 108 playing pieces which represent the rifle companies, artillery batteries, and helicopters that participated. Also included is a PDF of the map.

Written by Perry Moore / Stephen Cole