McPherson's Ridge

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Two brigades of Brigadier General John Buford’s First Union Cavalry Division had been bivouacked on McPherson’s Ridge, northwest of Gettysburg, when Heth’s Division of Hill’s Corps (Army of Northern Virginia) approached from Cashtown on July 1st. Realizing that this was the first element of the entire Confederate Army, and that the commanding heights of Cemetery Ridge (1.25 miles behind him) was the best defensive terrain for a hundred miles, Buford knew what he must do. With fewer than 3,000 troopers, he must hold the van of the Confederate Army until the Union infantry could arrive. He knew his casualties would be heavy, but he also knew there was no one else to do the job.

Return to 1980 and try this regimental simulation of the first hours at Gettysburg. The Union player must hold and delay the Confederates on a series of ridges until the First Corps can arrive. The Confederate player must attempt to take Gettysburg and secure the heights of Cemetery Ridge. Three scenarios for two players are included in this game.

This was scanned from the best-available copy and contains the rules and images of the counters and map.

Written by R. Vance Buck / Stephen V. Cole