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Humans were ready to colonize the planet Cerberus. The problem? Cetians, a reptile-like species had arrived there first and didn’t want to share! So on June 10, 2096, the human force arrived at Cerberus, ready to take over the planet. Can they do it?

Return to 1979 and try an exciting, two-player game of fast maneuvers and action, sure to excite new and experienced gamers of all ages.

Cerberus was the first game to cover combat over the entire surface of a planet. A new and unique system is used to depict the curved surface of the planet. The 108 multi-colored playing pieces depict the bases, spaceports, mobile battalions, and Special Forces platoons that landed and fought on Cerberus.

This was scanned from the best-available, second-edition copy and contains the rules and images of the counters and map.