Battlewagon Article #5: Battlewagon Scenario - Surigao Straits

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The fifth historical scenario for Battlewagon has been released from the vaults of Nexus!

Historical Notes: As part of Operation SHO-I, intended to disrupt the American landings at Leyte Gulf, the Japanese intended to send two groups through Surigao Straits. These ships were to link up with others off of the beaches and destroy the landing forces. The American planes spotted Admiral Nishimura's two battleships on October 23rd, and the Allies moved six old battleships under Rear Admiral Oldendorf to intercept.

The Americans were lying in wait for the Japanese ships. Motor torpedo boats had been harassing the Japanese force for hours. The scenario begins as the Japanese ships enter the confined waters of Surigao Straits and are attacked by U.S. destroyers. The Japanese ships must pass through the straits and link up with the other Japanese ships at the U.S. landing area at Leyte to be successful.

Published in January, 1985, this scenario includes rules for solitaire play.