Battlewagon Article #3: Battlewagon Scenario - The Last Sortie of the Yamato

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The third historical scenario for Battlewagon has been released from the vaults of Nexus!

Historical Notes: On April 1, 1945, allied forces assaulted Okinawa. The assault was not unexpected by the Japanese, hence extensive defensive positions had been prepared on the island and plans for naval and air attacks on allied ships had been developed.

On April 5,1945, the Yamato in company with a light cruiser and eight destroyers — the last functional naval units of Japan — began their voyage toward Okinawa. The voyage was intended to be a tokko (kamikaze) operation and only enough fuel for a one way voyage had been provided. Their object was to cut their way through screening forces until they reached the transports — particularly troop transports. After sinking as many transports as possible they were to beach themselves on Okinawa. As long as power lasted they would serve as additional artillery. Nonessential crew members would join army units defending the island.

Published in April, 1984, this scenario depicts what might have happened in the action between Admiral Mitscher's battle group and the Yamato's tokko operation.