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The Blueprints product line offers you old-fashioned blueprinted maps for using in your adventures and campaigns. For each map you get a blueprint version and a standard black-and-white version. The maps are all vector-based so you will get maximum print resolution. Despite their old-fashioned appearance, each map offers you a degree of customization by using the PDF technology at its best. A small control bar (which will not be printed) on each map allows you to turn on and off the grid, eliminate the room numbers, get the walls filled, and don't show doors and furniture.

Each product features a classic fantasy adventure location: a dungeon, a keep, a temple complex, a thieves' guild, and so on. You can use these maps as references to build your own adventures or simply take them at hand in case your players go in an unexpected direction during the campaign.

While offering you the best quality, these products are really cheap.

Way Inn

Welcome to the Way Inn travelers! Let the inn's renowned stew satisfy your hunger and its red-ruby wine quench your thirst. If your horse needs iron for its hooves, you can go straight to the smith and to the stables. Instead, if you need equipment, head to the emporium, right next to the inn. For any trouble you can meet in this place, you can knock at the door of the guardpost, where some guards will hear you. The Way Inn is a small complex that rose around a major caravan route; it includes a very large inn, which can house dozens of travelers, a well-furnished emporium, a smith and stables, a guardpost, and a large square to accommodate the caravans for the night. The Way Inn could be the stage for many adventures; here are some hints to use the Way Inn:

  • While resting in a room of the inn, the PCs hear a bustling sound downstairs; a high elf ambassador is complaining loudly with the owner of the inn. The following morning the owner is found dead and the ambassador disappeared; only a strange, shining object shaped like a small bear is found at the murder scene.
  • The PCs arrive at the Way Inn and find all the guards and the other inhabitants of the Inn besieging the smith, calling him a monster and an aberration and calling for his immediate death. The smith is barred inside his shop and menacing all of the people with his heavy crossbow. Actually, all the inhabitants of the Way Inn have been infected with werewolf disease, except for the smith. If the PCs help the watchmen to capture the smith they will be rewarded during the night -- which will be, of course, a full moon night.
  • When the PCs arrive at the inn escorting a caravan, they find, in the middle of the caravans' square, a gigantic troll who is challenging a stout, bearded woodcutter. Many people, including other escorts, are betting on the fight. In the meantime a band of thieves, obviously allied with the troll, are stealing goods from the caravans . . .
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Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati