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The Blueprints product line offers you old-fashioned blueprinted maps for using in your adventures and campaigns. For each map you get a blueprint version and a standard black-and-white version. The maps are all vector-based so you will get maximum print resolution. Despite their old-fashioned appearance, each map offers you a degree of customization by using the PDF technology at its best. A small control bar (which will not be printed) on each map allows you to turn on and off the grid, eliminate the room numbers, get the walls filled, and don't show doors and furniture.

Each product features a classic fantasy adventure location: a dungeon, a keep, a temple complex, a thieves' guild, and so on. You can use these maps as references to build your own adventures or simply take them at hand in case your players go in an unexpected direction during the campaign.

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The Great City, Army Ward

Most of the Army Ward belongs to the Great City army. A great military structure rises on the northernmost part of the city, featuring barracks, training camps, commander's headquarters, and more; it's where the major detachment of the armed forces stay all the time (except in times of war). The rest of the ward is military-oriented too: the Circus Maximus, the city arena, draws many fighters and champions in the area, so the inns and taverns are always filled with grim-looking fighters and wealthy patrons looking for a good place to bet their money.

The number of the building refers to the map available in the Great City blueprint. A description of the buildings follows.

1 – Circus Maximus: The great city arena features two levels. The ground level is open to the public and it's utterly crowded during the games. Here in this maze of pillars and walls, peddlers, bookmakers, gladiators, vendors, and shady individuals run their businesses. On the upper floor the Circus is divided into two rings of seats: the common seats and the honor seats. Occasionally a great wooden structure is built to host very important people. On the arena ground (which is floodable to allow naval battle simulations) are four lifts leading to the coenoby (not mapped) where the gladiators stay during the games.

2 – City Gate: This is a typical city gate. The gate features great wooden doors bound in steel and a portcullis. Guardposts are placed near the gate at the first floor and ground floor, and some arrowslits are set in strategic places.

4 – Barracks: The barracks are featureless buildings standing in rows within the military camp. Even if the barracks all seem the same, each one has a different destination: refectory, bedrooms and armory.

7 – Headquarters: This is by far the most luxurious building in the Army Ward. It houses generals, commanders, and high officers. It is a two-story building with a beautiful open court inside. A great balcony on the first floor allows the officers to overlook the grand hall below. The ground floor contains meeting rooms, cartography rooms, and offices. The upper floor houses bedrooms.

Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati